"By using Omise, Gogoprint can easily deliver the most convenient online ordering process to customers without having to invest heavily in building a payment infrastructure. To streamline operations and prevent problems, the business needs a payment gateway that is secure and reliable."
Adrien Ulens
Deputy CEO
Card payments, Dashboard
Printing services

Online printing services across the region

Gogoprint launched in November 2015 with the mission to transform the printing industry in Southeast Asia. The company is housed under a Singapore-based holding (Gogoprint Pte. Ltd.), and currently provides printing services in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Gogoprint’s main focus lies with small and medium enterprises, which are traditionally underserved by printing companies due to their relatively low printing volume. To empower these customers, Gogoprint focuses on offering low and transparent pricing, as well as the most convenient online ordering process.

The challenge with launching in new markets

Becoming a regional player was part of the company’s plan from day 1. The main reason was that both customers and suppliers in the different markets face very similar conditions and challenges. Gogoprint first launched in Thailand, and very soon expanded to Malaysia, and then Singapore right after that.

Gogoprint's presence in SEA

“Many markets remain dominated by a domestically powerful payment platform. However, these tend to run on legacy infrastructure, can be tricky to integrate into an e-commerce platform, and are sometimes buggy. And of course, this increases the launch efforts when expanding into new markets.”

“From an operational perspective, we tend to standardize our processes as much as possible but of course there needs to be some localization targeted to each operating country’s realities. This is typically fairly straightforward. Where things can get a bit more tricky is in terms of accounting, especially when relying on different payment providers rather than a single one.”

1 payment gateway to serve all 3 markets

The Gogoprint website is built on Magento, and so the team installed the Omise Magento plugin to quickly add payment capabilities to their e-commerce website.

“Among other things, using Omise offers a very easy integration with Magento, which has allowed us to easily automate invoicing and payment reconciliation. It also makes the entire refund process extremely easy and fast.”

Gogoprint was able to configure the Magento integration in a way that as soon as a credit card payment is captured, systems auto-generate the invoice for customers. Reconciliation is similarly automated. As soon as a transaction is processed, the transaction number gets reconciled with the order ID.”

“Omise also offers complete on-site checkouts. Other payment gateways will redirect the user to their own payment page and redirect them back to a success page upon completion. This is a big drawback, as it impacts the conversion rate and can also lead to smaller issues like for example trouble with popup blockers that prevent the payment gateway from opening.”

“We are mostly using Omise for credit card payments at this day, but are looking into several other available solutions. Among them, we’re particularly interested in FPX payments (online banking) for our Malaysian site, as well as Pay Links for all of our sites.”

Worry-free business expansion

“Working with Omise has made it very easy for us to expand geographically. Being able to count on Omise in all of our operating markets is a real boon, since the platform is so easy to use, we never experienced any downtime, and we’ve only needed to do the technical integrations once.”

“What I like most about Omise is that there’s nothing to worry about. Implementing was a breeze for our IT guys. Our accounting team found the operations hassle-free. And most importantly, we know that there’s a support team ready to cater to our needs and have proven to be able to solve issues in a timely manner.”

“Gogoprint’s website was launched in late 2015 and we implemented Omise from day one. I’d highly recommend it!”

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