"Thanks to Omise’s transparent design, it has been a simple and effortless experience for our clients so far. Its one-stop payment solution has enabled us to build a design that further facilitates us in connecting and interacting with our customers."
Pattaraporn Bodhisuwan (Max)
Chief executive officer and co-founder
Card payments, White-label
Ticketing platform

1. Tell us about your company

EventPop serves as a cutting-edge ticketing platform that assists organizers in managing, promoting and selling tickets for events of all scales and types. Our company’s sales round up to approximately 300,000 tickets per year.

2. What is your company’s mission?

Our mission is bringing technology to the ticketing industry. It seems to have been left out for way too long and we thought that it’s about time something was done!

3. What is the problem EventPop is trying to solve?

As you know, there are a number of existing companies that offer online ticketing services. However, the majority of them only manage small events while EventPop is working with larger events that have got over 10,000 seats to offer. When it comes to events of this scale, the system is completely different as they normally require much more resources for supporting at the same time.

4. How are you using Omise these days?

EventPop utilizes Omise as its main payment gateway. Omise has been working very well, generating an impressive number of transactions each day. It only takes around 3 minutes from the customer clicking for their preferred ticket until the ticket is actually purchased. It’s undeniable that Omise is the fastest in the industry. We have chosen to integrate almost every API Omise currently offers.

5. What challenges were you facing before using Omise?

Before Omise, our customers generally depended on bank transfers. And of course, we come across those who simply forgot to make their payment and the people who just did not intend to pay in the first place; making nearly 40% of our potential successful deals a failure. After integrating with Omise, those rates have noticeably dropped and now customers come to learn that it’s easy enough to either pay by credit or debit card. For instance, we were in charge of the sales of one particular event. Before utilizing Omise, only 40% of our customers were using credit and debit cards. But guess what? after our integration with Omise 60% of our customers happened to be using their credit and debit cards to process payment.

6. What were your requirements when choosing a particular payment gateway when there are many options out there?

I myself am a developer. My priority when choosing was that the service provider offered easy API and decent documentation, a discipline in which Omise excels. The dashboard’s appearance was something else I took into consideration. After all, looks do matter, right? Additionally, I also sought for a feature which would diminish the procedures our clients had to go through while processing their payment.

7. Why did you make Omise your choice?

Without a doubt, Omise is the most superior payment gateway in Thailand. Whatever requirements we sought for, Omise has a solution. An outstanding feature offered by Omise is its excellent fraud prevention. Ticketing and fraud are sometimes inevitable and since most margins out of ticket sales tend to be very low, even one single fraud that occurs can significantly impact the company.

We’ve been working with Omise for nearly 1 and a half years now, selling hundreds of thousands of tickers and have only come across 5 cases of fraud. Disputes, however, do occur every now and then but with the help from Omise’s dispute manager and flexible customer support, the resolution process has been painless.

8. How long did it take exactly from deciding to use Omise and actually utilizing it on your website?

From the preliminary stages of submitting all the required documents until everything was in place and functioning, it took merely a week. As mentioned, Omise’s APIs are very simple and comes with great documentation. It took very little time for our tech team to implement.

9. Do your customers feel comfortable using Omise on your website?

Absolutely! Thanks to Omise’s transparent design, it has been a simple and effortless experience for our clients so far. Its one-stop payment solution has enabled us to build a design that further facilitates us in connecting and interacting with our customers. What I’m saying here is that, rather than pushing our clients off-site like PayPal, Omise works seamlessly in the background to process the payment without our clients having to navigate through distracting linked pages.

Pattaraporn Bodhisuwan (Max)

Pattaraporn Bodhisuwan (Max), the Chief executive officer and co-founder of EventPop

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