Divyne London

Client: Divyne London
Interviewee: Sasinittha Tangsirinareekul, Director (Thailand)

Divyne London is selling peroxide-free teeth-whitening products with more than 90% of their website traffic coming through mobile devices. In need of a payment provider in Thailand, Divyne London looks to Omise, and has never looked back since their launch in early 2018.


“Our core focus is on providing the best experience for the customer at every touch point, and we feel e-commerce is the only way to ensure this happens in the way that we envision. We can walk the customer through any specific questions they may have, use various forms of rich media to tell our story as a brand, offer convenient methods of purchase and make the unboxing experience something to really be excited about.”

“We want to build something that is an experience beyond a typical transactional website, and tells our brand story effectively whilst retaining the core elements of UI/UX that a customer may expect. As we anticipated the majority of our traffic to be mobile, we built the site for mobile first and worked backwards for the desktop versions. This proved to be wise, as 95% of our traffic is from mobile devices to date.”

Why did you decide on Shopify?

“Shopify offers stability at scale that’s incredibly hard to achieve on self-hosted platforms, unless you are planning to have a full time tech team in-house. We were working on another CMS before shifting over to Shopify, and just keeping the server up during traffic spikes is troublesome. With Shopify, we know that we don’t have to worry about server issues and can focus on tasks that foster business growth.”

Khun Sasinittha

Why Omise?

“We found Omise and never looked back. Coming from the western market, we were used to a certain level of professionalism from our payment gateways. We like Omise because of the well thought out processes, and the incredibly responsive team behind it. With Omise, it feels more like a partnership than a processor.”

“Payments is a critical function of the business. Aside from the obvious security compliance and support team concerns to consider, we place a huge emphasis on conversion optimization. A requirement from Shopify is that the external gateway has to redirect off-site, meaning the processor offers the landing page for the customer to input their credit card information. Omise offers a modern, clean, responsive design with all UI/UX best practices followed, which undoubtedly increases sales.”

Payment flow

“Payment methods that are currently offered on the Divyne London website include cash on delivery, bank transfer, and card payments. Since we partnered with Omise, we’ve seen a significant increase in credit card transactions versus the other offline methods. Which is great for us, as it means less time spent chasing deliveries and balancing cash remits.”

A message to other e-commerce businesses

“My advice would be to partner with someone who specializes in e-commerce, to build the site the right way from the beginning, and save yourselves the headaches later down the line. It certainly isn't an area to be cutting corners, similar to your physical presence as a brick and mortar store.”

“The thing we love most about Omise is they actually ‘get’ e-commerce, beyond just offering a payment gateway, which allows us to offer the best on-site experience for our customers.”

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