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If my customer has withdrawn the dispute, do I still need to provide evidence?

Last updated on April 01, 2020

Yes, you do. Even though the customer has consented to withdraw the dispute, it’s crucial that you respond with all the required evidence just like how you normally would. You can also mention or provide evidence which indicates the customer’s willingness to withdraw.

It is important to always respond to disputes with the required evidence. The process involves a set of communications between banking entities which should not be interrupted or it may result in you losing the case.

What sort of evidence should I provide?

Simply stating my client has decided to withdraw the dispute or providing an email from your client stating so is not enough, they can be spoofed! It’s best to make things crystal clear.

We recommend that you ask for a signed letter from the cardholder stating their intention to withdraw. Preferably, the letter should state the charged amount, date of transaction, name of the issuing bank and the last 4 digits of the card used. This should be attached along with all the other documents required to resolve the case.

Often cardholders intend to withdraw the dispute but they just don’t get round to notifying the bank. Providing such evidence will ensure that both parties get in contact and work things out.

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