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Eunoia partners with Omise to offer cashless payments for the food and beverage industry


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Omise, a modern online payment platform in Southeast Asia, announced today a new partnership with Eunoia to provide a seamless digital payment integration for food & beverage retailers. This partnership enables F&B businesses to accept payments through Omise’s flexible and robust payments platform. Eunoia is a leading provider of digital ordering solutions that allows restaurants and other multi-outlet F&B businesses to offer dine-in, takeaway and delivery ordering to their customers. Such customers include Soup Spoon, Alt Pizza, Artisan Boulangerie Co, Food Junction, Frasers Property Singapore and more.

Fast onboarding

Eunoia customers benefit from a fast, streamlined onboarding process to setup a payments account. By offering more convenient and seamless payment transactions, Eunoia provides a simple and frictionless user journey for diners to make payments whether they eat in, order takeaway or delivery.

Accessible to all customers

Eunoia’s partnership with Omise is designed to serve the whole F&B market and allow customers the option to pay with any credit card, irrespective of which bank issued the card. Omise’s inclusive payment platform allows any customer to pay with credit or debit cards issued from any bank, local or international, anywhere, anytime.

Fast payouts and higher sales

Through this partnership, Eunoia’s customers gain access to speedy payouts, which is critical in cash-hungry businesses like F&B. In addition, Omise’s customizable checkout flow is integrated directly into Eunoia’s platform, allowing customers to stay on the same page during checkout. This results in higher authorisation rates which in turn, boosts sales.

The F&B industry is evolving rapidly and digital payment solutions need to evolve with it. Omise understands the shifting F&B landscape and together with Eunoia, can offer a powerful yet flexible payment solution to meet retailers’ requirements,” said Nick Gan, Country Manager, Omise Singapore.

“Our vision is to truly transform the experience for diners at scale across the regionsaid Zihuan Wee, CEO of Eunoia.We collaborate with forward looking companies that provide valuable services for our F&B merchants on our platform and in turn, to their customers. We're excited to be able to offer Omise to the market."

About Eunoia

Eunoia is a leading F&B digital platform that seamlessly integrates all technological solutions associated with the industry, resulting in an ecosystem that allows merchants to focus on the main task of running their business efficiently. Eunoia’s digital ordering solution helps multi-outlet F&B businesses offer dine-in, takeaway and delivery capabilities – without the expensive commissions charged by third party delivery operators today.

For more information about Eunoia’s innovative platform, please visit www.eunoia.asia.

About Omise

Omise is a leading online payment platform in Southeast Asia that specialises in providing seamless payment experiences for the F&B industry. With offices in Singapore, Thailand and Japan, Omise serves customers including McDonalds, Burger King, The Pizza Company and much more.

For more information about Omise’s payment solutions, please get in touch with our sales team.

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