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Enabling in-home healthcare e-commerce experiences with digital payments


Enabling in-home healthcare e-commerce experiences with digital payments

Is it safer to travel to hospitals or to stay at home?; this may be one of the most common dilemmas in this day and age.

Stemming from the submersion of the pandemic, people's fear of going outside to do daily tasks, especially to visit hospitals, has visibly increased. So comes telehealth to the rescue.

To build a new and sustainable method for patients to access and utilize healthcare services online, HelpDeliver has partnered with Omise. Together, we have built a truly white label digital payment and checkout flow to enable an e-commerce experience on the brand’s platform, developed primarily for Thai users.

Improving access to healthcare with digital infrastructure

Telehealth is an evolving sector in Thailand. With a push from COVID-19, it is continuing to grow and gain more attention from the public and private departments. Despite the potential, there are still limitations in the digital ecosystem which obstruct providers from offering their online services to the fullest.

With a deep-rooted background in logistics, Mr. Dean Jones — HelpDeliver's CEO — with his team of professionals, built a unique platform that improves online and offline accessibility for medical service providers, connecting the patients' needs for care to top-quality carers.

Healthcare e-commerce platform with in-home nursing services

A (small but powerful) cog in the wheel

The company aims to resolve digital structural blockades in the Thai medical industry by providing a supply chain to make healthcare services more accessible and competent. The platform currently offers a mix of digital and physical solutions, which incorporate online payment capabilities, including:

1. Healthcare e-commerce platform

Building an e-commerce website is too heavy of an investment for brick and mortar clinics. Thus, the businesses mostly resort to using a standardized landing page which only provides contact forms but not the full-cycle e-commerce journey. This could become a disadvantage in this society where clients are demanding immediate purchase and confirmation.

With this structural constraint in mind, HelpDeliver has created a website combining a spectrum of services — vaccinations, tests, etc. — for customers to browse, reserve, and pay for the home services they need in one go. The result is a complete in-home healthcare experience.

2. In-home nursing services

Despite the E in e-commerce, the services cannot exist only either physically or digitally. Especially with telehealth, there are examinations that patients cannot conduct by themselves, such as blood pressure tests or blood draws.

Consequently, HelpDeliver's phygital (physical + digital) model was developed. To increase the capability of telemedicine services, the company also added home nurses, who are the physical factor — and the hero — of this model. This offline assistance is offered to complement the improved accessibility.

The nurses are well-trained and readily equipped, and they come directly to your houses on traceable motorbikes (which is just perfect for Bangkok's traffic). Patients can book them for one-time appointments or time-based home nursing arrangements.

3. Customizable landing page and ordering system (B2B)

To help push forward the online healthcare industry, which was and still is quite unprecedented in Thailand, HelpDeliver also offers their platform as a customizable solution for hospitals, clinics, and relevant partners.

complete the e-commerce healthcare experience with digital payments

Seamlessness made possible with attention to detail

In addition to building this digital ecosystem, the company's other objective is to craft the most seamless in-home experience for users. And their determination is evident in the website's swift checkout flow.

It's about the customer experience for us, said Jones. We pivoted many times and tried to listen to what the customers wanted. To tweak the platform to fit Thai clients' behaviors, the team tailored even the minor factors, such as the local location system and preferred payment methods. They also revised their platform numerous times to scale the checkout process down to the fewest pages possible.

Unlock digital potentials with online payments

Payment is an essential puzzle piece to complete the whole e-commerce-like experience. It is also one of the most sensitive factors for clients. We were able to start providing our full-cycle service after integrating Omise's payment gateway, said Jones.

While the brand developed its website in-house, they decided to outsource a payment enabler. Building a reliable payment system requires time, resources, and keen knowledge of tech and payments. As a result, our companies have partnered to share our expertise and configure a top-notch checkout journey for HelpDeliver's and their partners' branded websites.

The platform has been open to the public since the beginning of 2022. Omise has worked closely with HelpDeliver to optimize the shortest and easiest payment experience.

We put our best effort into making our checkout flow as straightforward as possible, and it's great that Omise's payment process is also as simple.

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Mr. Dean Jones, HelpDeliver's CEO

There's no stopping

The company invests its best effort into maximizing the quality of services and delivery. Jones shares with us that there are more modifications up ahead to ease the user experience even better. Not only that, but they are planning to expand to other geographies, such as other provinces in Thailand or overseas, as well.

HelpDeliver's product is not just another digital platform. It is a bridge that connects unmet needs to underexploited resources in the long run. The potential for this business model is endless, and we cannot help but anticipate what positive changes it will bring.

Experience the innovative online healthcare experience by yourself today at https://www.helpdeliver.asia

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