Bloomee Life by Crunch Style, Inc.

Omise merchant: Crunch Style, Inc.

Interviewee: Mr. Ryota Takei, CEO

Customer Since: March 2017


A business born to “impress everyday life”

Bloomee Life is a flower delivery subscription service starting from 500 Yen accompanied by a wide selection of gifts from Giftme. While Bloomee Life delivers flowers regularly, Giftme is there to help people select and purchase gifts from a wide selection with ease. The two services are combined to create positive impressions that can be incorporated in everyday life.

It is without a doubt that extraordinary experiences such as traveling to Hawaii, Paris, or even a trip to Disneyland causes excitement for an ordinary person. While many people do not have the time to visit new places often, Bloomeee Life sprung up with an idea to increase the number of small daily impressions and make people happier on a regular basis.

Uplifting daily impressions through flowers

Flowers are seen as a symbol of beauty and serenity that can lighten up people's daily lives but are often overlooked. In Japan, only a few people would incorporate flowers into their everyday life. We decided to start a business that could plant positivity in the community through flowers and grow the proportion of people who appreciate them.

When we started developing the gifts-finding service, many customers mentioned that flowers are an expensive item and that they weren't interested. We then decided to change to a home-model business. Our vision was to change this perspective on flowers and increase customer interest by offering them at affordable prices.

Voices of joy from the unexpected

“Flowers from Bloomee Life are randomly selected and are not from the same place every day. They come from different florists and the customer does not know what kind of flower they'll receive until the moment they open the package. A majority of our customers seem to be enchanted by the surprise.”

Many people say I don't know what to choose because I don't have knowledge, I don't have a fashionable florist in my neighborhood or It's hard to go to buy flowers regularly. However, our customers can just sit back and we'll take care of the selection. We've received great feedback as our customers are delighted by Bloomee Life's service and satisfied with the flowers they receive that are selected by professionals.

The service itself was originally intended for personal use but recently, the number of corporate users is on the rise. Many customers are looking to decorate their home, office, or store with flowers but do not know where to start. There are many privately run stores, offices, cafes, nail salons, and beauty salons that are interested in our service and as this trend is growing, we have launched a corporate plan to better cater to businesses.


Why Omise?

“We are a venture business, so we had some trouble introducing credit cards into our payment suite. Our credibility was low and the service was not yet launched at that time, so I was worried about whether the screening would pass. Payment can be an area where neither engineers nor businesses have much knowledge. Omise came in and advised us to use the card brand we wanted and gave us great consultation." Mr. Ryota mentioned.

Since then, I've trusted Omise and believe that they are highly reliable. Whenever we receive inquiries or issues regarding the payment from our customers, I am confident that Omise's customer support will follow up and provide a solution. This is one of the reasons we chose Omise and we will continue to use their services in the future."

Currently, subscription commerce is becoming a big trend. Consumers are always demanding convenience and flexibility for goods and services. Bloomee Life aims to provide customers with our initial mission: to increase daily impressions through flowers and gifts. In the future, Bloomee Life will continue to focus on services centered around flowers, such as for corporations and religious ceremonies. Stay tuned!

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