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An open letter for women pursuing business



It's been a groundbreaking year for women in business. This is a letter from three inspiring female leaders who are working closely with Omise and have proven to be successful in their career - Dr. Oraphan, Jaelle, and June. These women have had similar journeys on their road to their achievements and have encountered some of the challenges that you may face or are currently facing. Here's some useful advice and words of motivation for those seeking a career in business.

Dear women pursuing business,

      When starting your own business or exploring a career path in this industry, be more like Peter Pan. Be curious, restless and stubborn, said Jaelle. Build your self-confidence, continue to acquire new skills, experience, and knowledge. Just don’t be afraid to speak up and don’t allow yourself to be bullied, said June. Once you have these traits, you are ready to dive in. Don’t wait for the time when you’ve figured out all the parts of the business to start, the best time to start something is yesterday and the next best time is today. Always say yes and then relentlessly figure out your 'HOW’, said Jaelle.

There will be times when your career becomes an influential part of your life. It’s important to maintain your passion for success, but also remember the other essential parts of your life. Find time for the things that matter to you. Imagine juggling 5 important balls in your life; health, personal life, family, career, and social life, said Jaelle. Prioritization can be tricky at times, especially when one seems more compelling or urgent than the other. There will be moments when you are fully engaged in your drive for progress and your career just wants to take over. Don’t forget to remind yourself that your health is a glass ball, if you drop it, it could break and be irreparable. Other areas are more elastic like a rubber ball. You can let them hit the ground once in a while and they’ll still bounce back, said Jaelle.

Finding your balance might take a while initially, but it is possible. Stay calm and mission-driven and focus all your energy towards your daily goals so when you’re off, you can concentrate fully on other important stuff, said Dr. Oraphan.

Throughout your career path, there will be some challenging times where you’ll face tough obstacles and start to doubt yourself. This is normal. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes but when you do, you have to bounce back faster and stronger. Don’t let yourself down and have belief in your abilities. You have to show great intention and determination in order to achieve your goals, said Dr. Oraphan. Prove people wrong by unleashing your full potential and just remember that whatever a man can do, a woman can do as well, oftentimes better, said June.

The best of luck to you all,

Dr. Oraphan, Jaelle, and June


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