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Tasty Table by Blend Co., Ltd receives The Omise Award 2017!


The Omise award recognizes merchants that have made significant growth and impact in 2017. After careful consideration, we have decided to select Tasty Table as the winner of the Omise award 2017 as they have proven to be one of the fastest-growing companies this year. Congratulations!

Mr. Tao, CEO of Tasty Table (left)

Bring out the chef in you with Tasty Table

Tasty Table is a meal-kit delivery service that can turn your very own home-cooked meal into a restaurant dining experience. The meal-kit is equipped with the best recipes, ingredients, and condiments that measured to perfection by professional chefs to produce the best quality taste. Tasty Table's mission is designed to help people express their love for food by encouraging customers to cook meals like a chef from their very own kitchen. No need for cooking classes, just sit back and wait for the weekly meal-kit to be delivered straight to your door. In the past year, Tasty Table has gained popularity among food lovers and has been featured in many media outlets.

The meal-kit of Tasty Table

A year of tasteful growth

Mr. Kitaguni:

2017 was a year of establishing and improving the Tasty Table brand. When people hear the word 'meal-kit', they think of easy, instant home-cooked meals. And that is what we want our customers to experience but also with good quality in taste. Through our service, customers can enjoy a unique cooking and eating experience straight from their home. The start of a tasty home-cooked meal begins with a wide selection of menus that the customer can choose from. Once selected, we'll deliver mouthwatering recipes and fresh ingredients straight to the customer's door where they can show their cooking skills and feast with their friends and family.

Mr. Tao, CEO:

In the beginning, it was hard work to improve each process bit by bit. The meal-kit business has many contact points with customers, from receiving an order from the customer until they actually finish cooking the meal. “Order, Cook, Eat and Share” is the aim of our service that we want our customers to understand and appreciate. Tasty Table is a subscription business, so it is important for our customers to feel satisfied with what we offer and want to use our service again. It wasn't easy to improve every detail of the process but I can say confidently that our service has matured when compared to last year.

The Tasty Table app was launched in November in order to enhance the customer experience

Taking the bite out of a new market

Mr. Kitaguni:

One of the hardest parts was getting people to recognize and get familiar with the concept of meal-kits. When we started Tasty Table, we had to create the market by ourselves because, at the time, people didn't know what it was. Earlier this year, when I told my friend about themeal-kitconcept, he asked meWhat is it? And how does it work?. We realized that in order for our business to grow, it was crucial that the public knew what ameal-kitwas along with its purpose. We decided to push marketing activities and promotions with the media to get our message out. Nowadays, there are many competitors who have entered the market with a similar concept.

Tasty Table's meal-kit was ranked 4th in the Nikkei Trendy Hot Products Rankings 2017

The secret recipe to Tasty Table's success

Mr. Tao, CEO:

The success of Tasty Table lies within the taste and cooking experience of the customer. If our customers are satisfied with our service, it's likely that they'll recommend friends and family through word of mouth. On the other hand, customers would not use Tasty Table if they thought that it was too complicated or that the quality of the ingredients was not fresh. The satisfaction of our customers and the delicious meals they were able to produce has contributed significantly towards our growth this year.

Mr. Kitaguni:

Since the launch of Tasty Table, we have been concentrating on the “taste” andqualityof our meals. Other meal-kit businesses were sellingtime-savingandlabor-savingmeal-kits. However, we wanted to focus on the flavor element and make sure that everyone that orders our meal-kit enjoys the best cooking and eating experience.

Examples of Tasty Table's delicious dishes

What's next for Tasty Table?

Mr. Tao, CEO:

Since we shifted to the food business, we have been experimenting and trying out a lot of new ideas. This year has been a year of accumulating knowledge of the business to better improve our service for the upcoming years. We are ready to utilize what we learned and invest all of our energy in making Tasty Table the best food delivery platform.

Mr. Kitaguni:

Over the past year, we've seen a number of competitors that have entered the industry. The market situation is becoming more challenging but we'll be ready to improve our services and provide the best experience for our customers. As a startup, we aim to be the best in the market by bringing in good and positive energy.

(From L-R) Mr. Tao and Mr. Kitaguni

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