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3 reasons why you should switch to a modern payment gateway


Seamless customer journey

Improved customer journey experience

One of the most important and sensitive stages of the consumer buying journey is the checkout page. This is where customers complete the purchase and where you make the sales. While the checkout page is a crucial aspect for both the merchant and the customer, it is often overlooked. With traditional payment gateways, the payment process often involves redirecting the customer to a third-party website to fill out their payment details. The redirection out of your website causes a considerable gap where customers usually drop-off due to many reasons, such as distrust of the redirected page or a complicated payment process. By switching to a white label payment gateway like Omise, your customers won't encounter any redirects which help reduce drop-offs and increase sales. You also have the freedom to fully customize your checkout process and maintain brand image across all devices - desktop, mobile and apps.

Automated workflow and data reporting

Automated workflow & Data reporting

Apart from providing a seamless customer purchasing journey and reducing drop-offs, eliminating redirections means that the customer journey fully remains on your site. By connecting with external tools such as Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics, you're able to track user activities and tweak your campaigns accordingly. Whereas with traditional payment gateways, you lose the customer's data trail as soon as they get redirected out of your website.

Omise understands that efficiency is key to your business. Why handle transactions manually when you can sit back and let your business run on auto-pilot? Omise's single-stop dashboard allows you to monitor and manage all transactions in one place. From scheduling transfers, setting up recurring bills, to refund management, you can simply handle all your tasks straight from one place. It's important to be able to keep up with your sales at all times. Omise's reporting feature can help you monitor transactions in real-time.

Easy onboarding and integration

Simple onboarding & Integration

A modern payment provider requires a modern onboarding process. There's no need for you to make paper copies of documents or even leave your house when the application process is fully online. Omise's document submission process is all done through your dashboard.

For merchants with little technical background, switching to a new payment gateway may seem daunting. With Omise, that’s not a problem. Omise offers plugins and extensions to most popular e-commerce platforms including WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, and more. And for businesses with a tech team in-house, you can also implement our payment APIs. Omise provides development libraries for all major programming languages and mobile development. Developer documentation is also available online.

Don't have a tech team in-house? No worries. Omise can introduce you to our trusted partners to help you optimize your payment processing for a seamless customer journey.

Omise is currently operating in Singapore, Thailand, and Japan. Send us a message and we will be in touch very soon!"

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