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2022 in review — a year of financial and strategic growth


2022 at a glimpse, Opn Payments

2022 has marked yet another momentous year for Opn Payments. New product upgrades, new features, and of course, a new brand name, we have not stopped thriving for better access to the digital economy for everyone.

In case you missed anything, let us walk you through our achievements this year.

Broadened payment capabilities

Following a surge in the popularity of mobile payments in all industries, this year, Opn Payments has focused mainly in building the most inclusive and borderless mobile checkout experiences to merchants across markets and locales.

Opn Payments merchants in Singapore were introduced to Alipay+ in January, and OCBC Pay Anyone in May. These launches provided merchants a more far-reaching connection to local and global customers through a simple mobile checkout journey via Asia’s leading digital wallets and Singapore’s trusted mobile banking solution.

Opn Payments' new payment methods in 2022

In August, we added mobile banking to our selection of payment options in Thailand, and in October, we welcomed Google Pay to Opn Payments solutions which are now available in every country we operate in.

Lastly, we also expanded our services in Malaysia with the addition of six leading e-wallets — Touch n' Go, GrabPay, ShopeePay, DuitNow, Boost, and MaybankQR — as our new additional payment methods. The new solutions are now available for interested merchants to experience.

Elevated dashboard experience

We launched Dashboard V2, a new and upgraded version of our merchant dashboard, in March, followed by the analytics dashboard in October. Through the freshly designed interface, businesses can navigate and utilize the features more conveniently and efficiently.

Opn Payments dashboard and analytics dashboard

Uncharted territories

Omise officially rebranded to Opn Payments earlier in August, which is an integral part of Opn’s strategic shift to provide one-stop payments solutions for all stakeholders.

In November, Opn announced its acquisition of MerchantE, a trusted end-to-end e-commerce platform from the United States, marking our first step into a new region, North America, as well as unlocking opportunities for new innovations.

This December, we also enabled acquiring and processing capabilities through our partnership with JCB. This addition has laid the foundation for Opn as a whole to step into new territories, the Acquiring-as-a-Service space.

Opn extends services to North America

With these changes, Opn Payments aims to go beyond payment processing solutions and explore the other dimensions of digital financial services to accommodate businesses, financial institutions, and end-users.

As always, we are grateful for your trust and support, and we are excited for what is to come in 2023. (spoiler: you wouldn’t want to miss any of it).

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