Work out like nobody's watching

When stepping into iGym, a new fitness center in a Singapore residential area, you will be surprised by the high energy level in such a compact space. Only a few months old, this is no normal gym. Its facilities are completely unmanned and all user needs are compiled within a single mobile application.

The app was built for gym users by gym users with all necessary functions embedded. Through the app, users can register their memberships, scan for entry, and top-up their e-wallet balance to renew sessions instantly. iGym founder Zen Lee, has shared his vision for the iGym app to become an all-in-one application for healthy living. Soon, users will be able to track their nutrition stats with localized food and diary and utilize data for bigger gains and better health. The app can also be used to log their workout routines as a digital diary.

iGym: Giving power back to the customer

Customer experience is a matter close at heart for iGym founder, Zen Lee, who has been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years. The concept of iGym is simple; to give the power back to the people by providing peace of mind for both experienced gym-goers and newbies. By keeping the barrier of entry low, iGym encourages people to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle without the commitment and hefty upfront fees.

How Omise is powerlifting the user experience

Being an automated gym, the mobile app and its technological capability are of utmost importance for the holistic user experience. When iGym was on the lookout for a payment solution, they wanted one that could provide; a reliable and stable service that could power their e-wallet, a restful API platform that could integrate with their app seamlessly, and a customizable checkout platform to ensure the best customer experience. While partnering with Omise has proven to check all their boxes, Zen also remarked that Omise's local support team was able to assist and provide solutions for the heavy technical lifts in a timely manner.

See how the seamless top-up process works!

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